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Big Hydraulic shock absorption Dual motor Scooter
12inch Dual motor power electric scooter with Big hydraulic shock absorption

Name: 11 inch off road dual motor electric scooter

Motor: 60V 3200W (each 1600 watt brushless motor, the most powerful ever). 

Battery capacity: 60V20 26,33Ah  (lithium battery). to choose

Maximum speed: 80km/h (test load is 60 kg on smooth roads). 

Mirejay: 60-100km (1 motor range about 80 to 100 km, 2 motor range about 60-70km). 

Elevator angle: 35 to 45 degrees. 

Maximum load: 200kg. 

Charging time: about 8 to 10 hours. 

Wheel diameter: 11 inches. 

Tire width: 90 mm from the loaded tire. 

Net weight: about 35 kg. 

Brake: Double Hydraulic brake

Controller: 60V37A 12tubes*2

Suspension:Front +rear hydraulic shock absorption

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