Three Wheel Folding Electric Scooter

Three Wheel Folding Electric Scooter

Three wheel folding electric scooter,350W motor 14inch air tire,36V 10.4AH*2 battery,max speed is 30km/H 3 speed choose, range is 70KMs


The three wheel folding electric scooter with 350W motor 14inch air tire,36V*10.4AH*2 battery,max speed is 30km/H

each charge could run 70kms   

Product description

Net weight: 24.53 kg

Total weight: 27.73 kg

Maximum load: 150 kg

Size when unfolded: 135 x 57 x 38 cm.

Size when folded: 106 x 57 x 38 cm.

Package size: 96 x 40 x 39 cm.

Engine: 36 V, 350 W brushless controller.

Power gear steering: Three speeds, 1-2-3, three-speed boost mode.

Frame: Aluminium alloy.

Front wheel: 14 x 1.95 cm

Rear wheel: 14 x 2.125 cm.

Battery: LG/CN 36 V 10.4 AH*2

Battery life: 30 km (one battery).

Battery duration: Over 500 bike charges per battery.

Charging time: 4-6 hours, depending on the condition of the battery.

Brakes: Front and rear oil disc brakes.

Display: LCD screen.


Gear 1 can reach up to 10.6 mp/h or 17 km/h.

Gear 2 can reach 13.7 mp/h or 22 km/h.

Gear 3 can reach up to 18.6 mp/h or 30 km/h.

Certifications: CE, ROHS.

Three wheel electric scooter

Three wheel folding electric scooterThree wheel folding electric scooter 3Three wheel folding electric scooter 2

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