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Airplaying Hoverbike
The Hoverbike and the new suspension plate accessories allow you to safely and comfortably carry the air cushion plate. Remove and fold all parts for easy to carry and carry in the car.

Adjustable Hubble Motorcycle for 6.5 to 10 inches of different 2-wheeled self-balancing motorcycles. 

Specializing in the manufacture and certification of suspension boards, motorcycles, skateboards, Hobock cars,. To provide cheap, high-quality products.. 

Suspension board hoverbike product description. 

It is helpful to transform the suspension plate into a stable and operational four-wheeler.You can't wait for people to share this unique riding experience! 

Suspended motorcycles of all sizes can be used, and attached belts can be adjusted for cyclists of any age. 

Product parameters (specifications). 

Hanging shopping cart product features and use cases. 

Trailblazers. Well-designed seat design, can achieve fast ride comfort. 

Suitable for 6.5 to 10 inch Hoverboard models. 

Your balanced car is like a bike for a few seconds, cool and interesting. 

I hope you enjoy happiness on the self-help balance board. 

4. Use 2 steering wheels to ensure ride comfort and advance freely through a unique design. 

Hard evidence. Balancing the frame of the car can improve speed and maintain durability. 

Hard evidence. It can be adjusted according to the length, the size of the hanging board and the height of the seat. 

It's easy to control it with your feet. 

Detailed production of Huo Bahrain motorcycle. 

It helps turn your levitation board into a stable and maneuverable electric car. 

Product adaptability of Huobin motorcycle. 

It has been certified by CE, and with thousands of factories exported worldwide, it is a great honor to be a long-term and stable supplier to several major brands in Europe and the United States.

common problem. 

Q: why would we believe you? 

A: our products are strictly certified by CE, FCC and ROHS. At Additon, we are Alibaba's 6-year gold supplier, we are worthy of your trust, the regeneration order will be safer. 

2.Q: what is quality assurance? 

A: although the motor and battery are 1 year, there is artificial damage and water penetration. 

3.Q: what is the battery life? 

A: usually 36 months. 

4.Q: what is the life of the tire? 

A: usually 30 months. 

Q: what are the main consumers of sales? 

A: for happy young people, for company employees who walk, for older people who exercise. 

6.Q: can I get a sample of confirmed quality? 

A: of course. Why? 

7. Q: how long will it take to receive the sample? 

A: tomorrow is five to nine working days. 

Q: can I pay for the watt category? 

A / T / T, Western Union. Alipay, L / C (for bulk ordering). 

Q: how to contact you? 

A: please enter the necessary items in the text area below, and then click the send button. Or "chat now"! You can click ". Click the button in the appropriate location on the page to chat online immediately. 

Shayning Electric is a new transportation solution for Hobaboard 6.5-10-inch Hobarboard ·Hober motorcycles, provided by Hobaboard 6.5-10-inch Hobarboard/Hober- motorcycles. He has extensive experience in Hobobeek and is famous as a large manufacturer and supplier in China. Welcome to our factory to wholesale high quality and functional machines at low prices. 

Shaining Electronics has extensive experience in inflatable game Huobabic and is famous as a large manufacturer and supplier in China. Welcome to our factory to wholesale high quality and functional machines at low prices. 
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