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HoverBike- hoverboard hover bike

An adjustable hoverbike for 6.5-8-10-inch two-wheeled self-controlled motorcycles. 

An adjustable hoverbike for 6.5-8-10-inch two-wheeled self-controlled hoverboard. 

Specializing in 5 years of professional production and manufacturing experience, certified suspension board, motorcycle, skateboard, hoverkart and low-cost high-quality products of all types. 

Suspension board hoverbike product description. 

It helps to convert your levitation board, on the four-wheeler, the whhich is robust and can be manipulated far more fun than ever! We can't wait to share this unique riding experience with you! 

Due to the different sizes of motorcycles, attached belts can be adjusted for competitors of all ages. 

Product paraneter (specification).

Product function and hoverkart application. 

Trailblazers. Design a fast worksheet, 

The fitting of 6.5-8-10-inch Hoverboards model. 

Trailblazers. Quick and easy installation, like a few wheelbarrows, your balanced car seconds, cool and interesting. 

Trailblazers. Is the best way to enjoy your self-distracting board and happiness. 

4. Through the safety and unique design of the car, the two steering gear can move forward freely. 

Hard evidence. Balancing the frame can improve speed and durability. 

Hard evidence. Adjust the size, length, and seat height of the hovering plate. 

Hard evidence. Feet are easy to control. 

Production, hoverbike details. 

This helps to convert the suspension plate into a stable, maneuverable electric bike. 

Hoverbike product certification. 

We have CE certification, and our factory exports thousands of factories. It is a great honor to be a long-term and stable supplier to several major brands in Europe and the United States.

Hoverbike-Hoverbike-6.5/8/10 inch cantilever suspension. We are famous as a large manufacturer and one of the suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale functional machines from high quality and factories at low prices. 

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