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Compare The Hoverboard In Details
Apr 14, 2018

As a brand hoverboard producing factory, we offer high quality to all our hoverboard user and reseller. But in the market, the bad quality hoverboard bring the much troubles to us and user.  

So we take our hoverboard and cheap hoverboard to compare in details from hardware,motor,battery.

Hardware. Pls see the hardware weight,thickness. 


See the weight of the two hardware

Motor: See the thickness of the motor


Pls see the motor magnetic steel size

See the weight of the two motors

Battery: From the weight could see the Quality of the two Battery

From so many pictures compare, i hope it could help user and reseller, and Hope all people buy the good hoverboard and have a good hoverboard playing.

Airplaying hoverboard, as a professional producer, we will always offer high quality hoverboard to all customer.