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From The Battery Motor And The Motherboard Analysis Of The Good And Bad Balance Car
Dec 21, 2017

From the battery motor and the motherboard to analysis the good or bad hoverboard.

Now there are many kind of hoverboard in the market, All hoverboard looks same but the price is much difference. And all buyer want good hoverboard and cheap price.

Some bad supplier promise the buyer good hoverboard with cheap price to get order, but use the bad materials with fake labels.

So we, a professional manufacture of hoverboard, 6 years hoverboard producing experience, will give some suggestions to buyer to analysis the hoverboard.  

The Hoverboard BOM list as follows:

1: Motherboard ( including one motherboard and two control board)

2. Motor, two motor

3. Battery,5C power lithium battery (Chinese battery or Lg or Samsung)

4. Shell cover with stand

5. Packing details (gift box and carton box, user manual)

6. Accessories, such as charger, plug, Bluetooth, remote key.

First we want to say something about the motherboard. As a mature product, hoverboard motherboard is good now. Most hoverboard motherboard is stable and will be no problem.  If buyers still worry about the motherboard, suggest using the genuine Taotao motherboard, not fake taotao motherboard. Because Taotao motherboard is accepted by all customers.


Second is the motor. The hoverboard motor is Brushless Motor, so the magnetic steel size and quality decide the motor quality. There are many kind of magnetic steel, such as 182*182mm,20*20mm,20*25mm,25*25mm,25*30mm and 30*30mm

Only the size in blue color could acceptd by good hoverboard, and passes the motor test.


All other size could not pass the motor climbing test and the motor will be hot after riding a while


Thirld is the battery.  All hoverboard must be 5C power lithium battery 20 cells, whether chinese battery or samsung battery. All battery labels marked 4400mah, in fact only genuine samsung battery could be full 4400mah, and all chinese battery is about 2000mAh,2400mAh 3000mAh,3600mah and 4000mah. Only the blue color battery could meet hoverboard needs.

For Chinese battery, 6.5inch hoverboard, only 3600mah or 4000mAh battery could meet the needs, and 10inch hoverboard, must be at least 4000mAh. Otherwise, the battery will not last long time.

As a professional purchaser, if you order the hoverboard, must pay much attention on the battery, because in the market some battery factory make 3000mAh,2400mAh or only 2000mAh in order to earn more orders and profits.

Last thing of the battery is that the battery must have a protection board and the holder, so it will not be fired when full charged.


Fourth, the cover color painted oil and stand must support 120kgs.

Fifth is packing and Production Process. It depond the worker experence and it makes the hoverboard good quality. Good Production Process, is very important.


Sixth are the accessories, such as the charger, cable plug. Charger must be good quality and can cut power by itself when the battery full charges.

Only good Materials bring good quality hoverboard, As a professional and responsible hoverboard manufacture, we hope all buyer and reseller could buy good hoverboard in cheap price, and The good hoverboard bring much funny and interesting to people