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High Quality Hoverboard Choose
Oct 30, 2017

There are many suppliers,and factory, they want to earn money quickly, and get more orders,

They sell the hoverboard in very low price.

Every products, has a standard configuration. If the quotation lower than the standard configuration, Be careful, the quality will be a problem. Any supplier will not lose money to sell the product.

So as a buyer and purchaser, how you choose the high quality from thousands hoverboard?

  1. First, the motor, for example the 6.5inch hoverboard, the magnetic steel at least 25mm, if it is 30mm will be better.  If less than 25mm magnetic steel, when climing, will be easy fall down.

  2. Motherboard. SUggest to choose some good famous quality motherboard. such as taotao motherboard and so on.

  3. Battery. It is very important. because the battery is very easy in troubles. such as could not charge in, and could not run long distance. For 6.5inch, at least 3600mAH battery, if 8.5inch and 10inch hoverboard, at least 4000mAh battery.  Only this kind of battery, could meet the runner needs.

  4. The cover and metal support.  At least support 100kgs. if support 120kgs, will be better. 

  5. If you are a Professional buyers or distributors, retailers, Choose a good factory or supplier is very important. Because they could offer good hoverboard and aftersale service, even the price is higher.

Airplaying hoverboard, as a famous brand in china and europe, do hoverboard,electric scooter, hoverkart and hoverbike many years. The factory only offer high quality materials, refuse the low price bad quality products.

The Airplaying hoverboard accept the distributors, retailers selling the hoverboard with airplaying logo.

The aftersale service including the offer spear parts, send engineer to repair,warehous in europe.

Good quality and service earn the orders and market.