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Hoverboard Price
Apr 16, 2018

Hello everyone, welcome to our hoverboard review article. If you are reading this post you may ask: “How much is a hoverboard ?” and “What is the best hoverboard on the market ?”. You’re on the right place.

A self-balancing scooter, otherwise known as a hoverboard, is a two-wheeled board that works just like a conventional scooter, except that it balances itself.

It consists of two wheels that are arranged side by side, and two platforms between the two wheels which the rider stands on.

The platform contains in-built gyroscopic pads that the rider then uses to control the board as they stand on it.


Airplaying Hoverboard price in details:

Motor: 25*25mm magnetic steel

Battery:36V 4400mAh Power lithium battery

Motherboard: Taotao or other brand high quality motherboard

Hardware and Plastic color: More than 30 colors to choose

Packing list: Certificate charger,giftbox,carton box

Optional: bluetooth,remote,app,carry bag