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How To Know The Hoverboard Is Good Quality
Sep 14, 2017

When you get a hoverboard, after open the packing, you will find the charger, cable,manual, hoverboard, some will have a remote key.  from these parts, we could not sure the quality is good or not.

First, we should know there are three parts of the  hoverboard, Motherboard,two motor and battery.

If this three parts is good, the hoverboard will be a good quality.

The main point of best hoverboard, Best material pictures.

1. Motor,, we think the 30mm magnetic steel is much better than 25mm magnetic steel. The motor at least 30mm magnetic steel

so the motor will be more stable, and not easy fall down.
special when Hoverboard climbing

magnetic steel 30mm.jpg30 magnetic steel motor.jpg

2.Battery: Enough 4400mAh lithium battery, and with good design, and will cut power when full charged.

battery design.jpg battery design 2.jpg battery shell.jpg

3. Motherboard, Taotao motherboard, This one motherboard is less fault rate
taotao hoverboard motherboard.jpg

4. Some others, such as worker experence, charger, and so on

So when you decide to order the hoverboard, pls note the best hoverboard point,

best hoverboard bring good playing.

Enjoy you hoverboard.