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King Of The European Scooter To Enter The East China
Jan 04, 2017

October 2011 12-14th, 2011 China International Toy Fair kicks off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, which attracted many world famous toy brands toys event, swept the European scooter King of--Jdbug (Ba Ke Jie) also unveiled its star product of passion. It is reported that the unrivaled King of scooters in the European market for years this exhibition is intended to take this opportunity to fully enter the East China market.

This outdoor magazine invited Jdbug (Ba Ke Jie) Marketing Manager Mr Chen Jiecheng, Jdbug (Jie Ba Ke) conducted an interview with a range of issues to enter the East China outdoor market.

Q: since March this year Jdbug (Ba Ke Jie) announced its entry into the Chinese, first in Beijing opened two stores, the market was very good, you can introduce the Jdbug (Ba Ke Jie) developments in China?

Chen Jiecheng: Jdbug (Ba Ke Jie) since making landfall in China for six months, we are guided by prerequisite for high quality and high quality, attracted attention of many dealers and distributors, and get plenty of development. This year June, Jdbug (Czech brother BA guest, official settled in Beijing, in North maximum of wholesale market hundred wing Mall opened has domestic first home specifically shop; August, in Beijing famous of national business district blue Harbour within opened has second home stores, market sales way rose, zhihou Jdbug (Czech brother Ba Ke) stores gradually landing Beijing Dragon de Mall and the Inner Mongolia Ordos, recently we in Shijiazhuang also began established points. From the North China market situation, Jdbug (Ba Ke Jie) or very smoothly in China's development prospects are very strong