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Popular Paris Electric Bike
Jan 04, 2017

In Paris, due to the pressure of high oil prices, energy saving and environmentally-friendly transport modes will also heat up. We take a look at what these tools are.

Robard is the owner of an electric bicycle shop in Paris, he said the electricity will power the bike is easy to operate and save green. Just choose the Plains or mountain mode, making it easy to start, its energy consumption compared with the motorcycle's fuel consumption can be said to be minimal. Electric bicycle shop owner Robard says: "1 euro now can run 1500 km, that means daily cost very little, while buying time to spend some money, but it does not require insurance on you do not need to register, but do not need to pay a fine. ”

But this bike at least 690 euros to buy a new, even higher quality electric bicycle prices can be up to two thousand or three thousand euros, and now even some of France established bicycle shop to join the ranks of production of electric bicycles. According to statistics, last year France approximately 10000 electric bicycles were sold, up two-thirds from 2006. Popular electric bicycles and not only in France, this year Germany's electric bike sales may also be over 120,000 units last year, twice, and in the Netherlands last year sold 89,000 units.