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Scooter Development
Jan 04, 2017

Scooter swept Japan in Southeast Asia, due to its simple and easy to learn, and as long as a minute to learn, and ten minutes to make some tricks. Therefore, scooters and heat gradually landed in the domestic market. "Scooter" very light weight in 3kg, when stored in a collapsed State, expanded or folded up in 30 seconds.

Scooter because of moderate speed, eager to easy manipulation, brake (hit the rear wheel brake), if you just want to travel, general entertainment, General do not easily fall. So it is good for the use of a variety of ages, in particular among young people is a must for people who love and take pride in owning a vehicle. Scooter is the balance of underdeveloped system for adolescents is good exercise.

Origin of scooter: Scooter's origin in 1993, named Sieghartstxaka, Germany engineers to solve their traffic problems, the two slide wheels on an aluminium sheet, and elastic properties of a metal handrail and on the scooter. He modified them in a months time, a day he went to the station to go to work. He inspired handheld Scooter to work at the beginning, but was despised by everyone--including people and colleagues. But before long, an investor came to, he thinks the hand-held Scooter is very market opportunities. He is willing to invest in production of this "great invention". Then, a few years ago, scooters and popular in Europe and America, after 5 years, and came to China.