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Three Wheel Scooter, Double Front Wheel Turning System
May 22, 2018

Simple walker

The core technology: a two-wheel steering system that can be tilted with the body of the vehicle, combined with a body folding system that can move the rear wheels forward.

The design makes the folding/unfolding operation of the vehicle simple and easy.

After folding, the three wheels can be in a side-by-side position, while the body can be taken to the top of three wheels side-by-side, and the storage space is small.

Product parameters:

Weight: Single 22kg   

 Dual power supply 25kg Size: Expand 135×57×87          

Fold 106 × 57 × 38

Packing size: 96*40*40

Battery: Domestic lithium battery 38V?

A Life: 30~60km

Speed: 20km/h

Load: 100kg

Brakes: High Quality Full Hydraulic Disc Brake

Body: All aluminum alloy finishing