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Off road hoverboard

X2 China electric chariot x2 Personal transporter 2 wheel self balancing off road scooter

Professional Manufacture with 5 years production experience, focusing on all kind of certificate Hover board, Scooter and Skateboard, Offered high quality product with Cheap price.
We, as a responsible business partner, all products of the motherboard, control panel, motor and battery are good quality. We reject all inferior materials. All the major components of the product have a year of free maintenance services.

X2 China electric chariot Personal transporter 2 wheel self balancing off road scooter

Quick Details
The electric chariot scooter is a fully open, all electric chariot with swifty response and sensible mind which can easily figure out what you are thinking about, bringing you the unprecedented driving experience you even experienced.
The real innovation in this self balance chariot, though, is that it can stay upright, all by itself. The driver does not need to balance it at all. This is achieved with the innovative use of one gyroscope under the sub-structure where it also lies the working principle of this electric chariot. It simply followes where your gravity center goes. With an integrated circuit PCB board inside to control the signal flow, Escooter moves forward as the driver lean forward and slows down as the driver lean backward or lower the gravity center. Braking device is totally unnecessary in this scooter. This electric chariot can even turn 360 degree with 0 radius, making it flexible under narrow space.
With the traffic getting more and more congested and environment getting worse, you definitely need a product like this to either commute or showing off yourself, not to mention protecting the environment at a great sense! Choose us, choose happy scootering!

Main Features
1. Historical upgraded waterproof performance (body with sealing rubber ring).
2. More powerful motors can guarantee performance in slope climbing, fast speed and overspeed backlash protection.
3. Secure driving experience with outboard motors and lowered standing level.
4. High shock resistance ensured with strong axle, soft fender, strong front and back cover.
5. Fashionable design with soft front and rear LED light bar.
6. Thoughtful elastic design for kick stand.
7. Special anti-theft screws and cable lock.

Packing Details:
Carton Box:  900*520*630 mm,
Golf cart carton: 920*360*120mm(if with golf cart);
20 ft container: 84units

Packing list:
1pcs handle,
2pcs fender,
2pcs tires,
1pcs bell,
1pcs driving handle,
2pcs pedal mat, 
1pcs user  Manual, 
2 Remote Keys,
1pcs battery charge,
1pcs front bag,
1pcs knee &elbow pad,  
1pcs helmet

Samsung Lithium 72V.8.8Ah (70 units battery cells)
Max Load
150 KG
Max Speed
20 KM/H
Max Time
 3-3.5 H
Max. Mileage
35-40 KM 
Charging Time
 4-5 H
Max Power
4000W motor with big gearbox
Kenda tire 19*7-8inch shock-absorb with strong flange plate
52 KG/62 KG 
880 *52*72 MM 
Black,White,Red,Blue,Apple Green

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