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Super value mini cruise ship Professnal long distance board full cruiser speed skateboard.
Focus on all types of motorcycles, skateboards and low-cost high-quality product certificates with 5 years of professional production experience (including $[officename] [translate], [PROD134] [amp] ndash; [amp] ndash;)

Focus on all types of motorcycles, skateboards and low-cost high-quality product certificates with 5 years of professional production experience (including $[officename] [translate], [PROD134] [amp] ndash; [amp] ndash;). 

We are a business partner responsible for motherboard, control panel, motor and battery products with excellent quality.We reject all shoddy material.. All major components of the product have a year of free maintenance services. 

Super value mini cruise board professional mini board full cruiser speed skateboard. 

Quick details. 

1.ABS electronically controlled braking system. 

Trailblazers. Intelligent discovery system. 

Trailblazers. Wireless remote control. 

Trailblazers. Dual drive high power motor. 

5.72 x 52 mm tyres, road adaptability


Packing details: 

The weight is 3.6 kg. 

G.Weight:5Kgs . 

1 * skateboard. 

1 * user manual. 

1 * charger. 

1 * remote control. 

Carton size: 720 x 240 x 1570 mm

Q: did you visit the office factory?

A: all business partners who visit our factory are welcome. 

Q: does the scooter have a remote control? 

A: yes, this is the remote control. 

Q: about shipping? 

A: we usually use air and sea transportation. 

Q: do you accept a small order? 

A: we accept a small number of trial orders. 

Q: how many warranties do you have? 

A: the motherboard motor is guaranteed for one year after leaving the factory. 

Warranty Policy: 

The defective parts during the A:Where warranty period must meet the after-sales service warranty obligations. 

B:Where warranty service items, please show your shopping list. 

C:Where parts are not covered by warranty and the company / agent is still required to charge a maintenance fee. 

Warranty section: 

Replacement of old and new parts free of charge (for human reasons), that is, 1 year warranty for BatteryMotor, motherboard. 

The warranty is not stated in the following conditions: 

In order to misuse / go to the curb, tricks, stunts, etc. 

Unauthorized modification, disassembly or repair of 2 Malfunction. 

The 3:Accidental is corrupted and the error storage causes the failure. 

4: unparalleled warranty / evidence of purchase and product. 

Loss of anodization. 

6: decompose parts not specified in this manual. 

7: failure caused by prolonged vehicle and water immersion in Damage and rain. 

Sparkling electricity is a rich experience in the production of ultra-low small skateboard professnal long board full cruiser speed skateboard production.We are famous as a large manufacturer and one of the suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale functional machines from high quality and factories at low prices. 

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