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10 inch 48 V 2000 W Dual motor electric scooter
10 inch 48 V 2000 W  drive double shock absorption Dual motor scooter

10 inch 48 v 2000 w  drive double shock absorption Dual motor elecric scooter


Motor power supply: 48V 2000W
Battery: 48V20 26 33AH to choose

Quantity motor: 2 (front wheel and rear wheel motor). 
Maximum speed: 60 km / h. 
Maximum range: 60 km. 
Comfort: a total of 6 kinds of suspensions. 
Indentation: collapse formula. 
Remote control: 2. 
Color: black. 
Tire size: 10 inches inflated. 
The suspension is first of all the electric scooter adults stand up. 
Comfortable rest-stretch!
Main functions: 

Trailblazers. The speedometer shows the current speed level, battery power, and driving distance. 

Brake with thumb accerleration. Three speed modes

Specular LED headlamp

2 suspension front wheel and 2 suspension can ensure the stability of sliding. High performance disk brake

Speed switch button, horn button, folding hand

A single key folded in 1 second

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