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7 safety tips to free you from Hoverboard Explosion

Time:2019-07-24| Author:Admin

7 safety tips to free you from Hoverboard Explosion

The danger of an explosion hoverboard is urgent. You do not own a hoverboard, you are sleeping next to a bomb! We offer advice on how to handle valuable hoverboard safely, how to entertain hoverboards with minor dangers, and how to survive explosions. Formerly responsible manufacturer of this kind of self-regulating scooter with zero explosion, we are still responsible for making you more secure with boards sold from other non-regular small-scale factories. Here are some helpful tips before and after you get a board.


1. Choose a reliable manufacturer . Most manufacturers are Chinese resellers, located in the United States and the United Kingdom, so you don't have to worry if you can indicate that a site with spelling or grammatical errors is not a professional operation. But you need to check the reputation of this company. Some companies sell this type of scooter for a month, and few manufacturers have sold it for more than a year. As a professional self-balancing scooter manufacturer, F-wheel has sold this self-adjusting scooter for over a year and none of its products have caused an explosion. When the F-wheel still stands on the line of a self-balancing scooter manufacturer, it proves that its quality is guaranteed and time is proven.

2. Do not drop or overturn the Monorover . Self-balancing scooters are not diamonds but electronics. Some consumers are complaining that the board is broken up in the central part of the deck being narrowed. Others just bought the board (including the F wheel) that stopped work. The warranty varies from six months to one year and generally covers only material or manufacturing defects. For more information, check the manufacturer's website and contact your service representative for more information.

3. Look at your self-balanced scooter battery . Jay Whitacre, a professor of materials science and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, says the problem is that battery quality is being used, regardless of these self-balancing scooters themselves. They are cheap, it does not make sense: this is a holiday product (not an idiot), reputable models are quite expensive, more affordable brands use cheap parts, Segway's hands As you might expect, free and spectacular , high cut brands are flooded with naughty scooters made from cheap parts. You have to consider whether the battery is good enough before buying and you need to consider whether the price is reasonable to get a scooter.

4. Be careful when charging . Do not charge the device unattended, especially at night. Incorrect shutoff switches or plugs without fuses can cause overheating, explosions or fires. With these cheap batteries, many accidents can cause a fire. One is the character of the scooter board, so if you spur things, hit things at high speed, or abuse the Brothers, your battery will be easily damaged. Not only the nature of cheap batteries, but also the nature of lithium ion batteries. Formerly a lot of low quality cheap battery factories, fortunately Airplaying refuses to take the use of their products continue to use batteries with high price and much more stable, safer performance-F- I asked for a wheel.

5. Keep away from the chic smart scooter before it can explode . If your behavior is fast enough, throw it away as soon as possible. How to distinguish that it is likely to explode? Look at temperature, smoke, fire. The author looked at Amazon's review and felt that one customer felt a strange smell when sleeping. Then he woke up and saw some smoke from the self-balancing scooter. He was indeed a sharp man, grabbing it quickly and throwing it out of the window. Five minutes later, the self-balancing scooter exploded. This is a sad thing, but a happy ending. There is no damage other than the scooter. However, the risk of harming oneself is so high that you must be careful not to throw it if you can explode.

6. Keep the scooter away from water . Most of these self-balancing scooters are not waterproof, so water can get into the scooter and cause a short circuit.

Trusted seller . You will never be confused by negotiations. If the price is too good to be true, it is probably not very reliable.
Do not rely on it even if you look at the price. We purchased three models from Amazon. $ 400 Airplaying SH01, $ 600 MonoRover R2, $ 830 Chic Smart S1. (At the time of this article, these three models were not yet available on Amazon's site.) When the
board arrived at the lab, about 50 people learned to ride on carpet, tiles and asphalt. In the Consumer Reports campus, I ran up and down the ramps in the office and the hills above and below.
Finding the test target was not difficult. People routinely watched the board move and dropped out of it. Most people enthusiastically accepted when given a chance to mount them. The board is fun-it does not deny it. They react in a thrilling way to subtle changes in balance. They can swivel forward and back one inch, left and right, around a circle like a puree. If you've never seen a hoverboard dance video featuring Justin Bieber's hit song What Do You You, check it out. It really captures the magic of gliding on hoverboards.

It is not correct to follow the hoverboarding trend, but it is very important to choose a safe and reliable one like Airplaying that has been approved by an authoritative organization. Meanwhile, Airplaying's CEO says, "Customer safety is always a top priority. " Hoverboard "self-balancing electric scooter safety highlights the problem of safety for others because the emergence of news reports continues If you do not hesitate to use the self-balancing scooter,

After buying a hoverboard:

If given as a gift, do not fully charge the battery before wrapping it. The battery may overheat.
Please do not charge immediately after riding. Allow time for the battery to cool.
Be sure to wear a helmet and other protective equipment.

Despite the few claims that there are some problems that most of them you know are malfunctioning, they are very safe. They are good quality and, more importantly, they are fun.

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