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Why Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard Industry Expands Further

Time:2019-07-24| Author:Admin

Why Self Balancing Scooter / Hoverboard Industry Expands Further

The Amazon problem and the poor quality hoverboard explosion issue in December have shocked the self-balancing scooter industry. This industry reorganization was launched in advance. At this point, some people have chosen bystanders, some think that they have to forgive and if they should stop it. Some think this is a big opportunity, others worry about the next year's industrial survival. In my opinion, the Hobo / self-balanced scooter industry will not only survive but show greater development.


Analysis from the technical field

First, there have been product cars for over 10 years, such as hoverboards and segways. The car has several new technologies in which one system is intelligently controlled by brushless motors, balancing algorithms, etc. It is also used in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) and robot products. In the future, these technologies will be applied to more products and fields, and will continue to innovate.

Analysis from industry sector

In my opinion, self-balancing scooters / hoverboards are just a product of a smart balance car. In the future, several different technologies will be involved in various fields. These features are as follows:

1. Instead of walking tools

Lack of resources, environmental pollution, urban traffic jams, eye-series problems, new energy vehicles are the trend and trend in the coming years. And a well-balanced car will gradually walk short, time and market expansion, the government's attention will be resolved gradually, the emerging product penetration process will not be plain.

2. Recreation

Xiaomi released 9bot self-balancing scooter, which shows the versatility of the product USES, mainly aimed at entertainment purposes, put it as a car consumption purpose, toys, scooters, car consumption purpose from abroad, aimed at entertainment purpose You are Not only toys, but also increasingly self-balanced vehicle technology will appear.

3. Robot development

Among the famous brand companies, besides the self-balancing scooter defined by F-wheel, there is a robot that integrates the concept of the Internet, and it becomes an intelligent thing that can be applied to home, medical, military, emergency situations, etc. You The smart balance car can be seen anywhere.

Analysis from the business field

1. Importance of product quality

Shocked to the world, made to introduce China forefront, many explosions will not destroy this product and take quality. Measurement of important lessons of foreign governments, Amazon, industry. Quality, the importance of the standard. Because of this many people will be more norms, more cautious, to pay the full tuition.

2. Importance of product profit

Sales based on price tag and super high failure rate, can not afford foreign after-sales completely, many people lost women. The vicious competition counterparts eventually ruin themselves and love the guests. Corporate profits For a long time, there is no product profit. Rascal is to play. In the end, more companies think of ways to sell products at higher prices in more ways, to recognize the importance of profits.

3. Importance of intellectual property rights

Almost all companies are in a very passive state. Many people complain about patent holders, but the underlying reason lies in their intellectual property rights.

Here is a popular science. Many people do not know the importance of the brand, do not know the importance of intellectual property patents more than before. A petition is a company's competition as well as its corporate intangibles. It can also help companies to generate profits. Every year to bring income, patents are an important part of a company's profit.

The following is an excerpt from Huawei's interview with Ren Zhengfei:
Wei: China's lack of innovation, not original, the main reason is not to respect intellectual property rights, there is no strict protection of intellectual property rights system, its social culture is not tolerant of creativity, Error, a comprehensive character, and even some extreme geeks like Apple's Steve's work, the founder of the aircraft manufacturing fuse, an individual character operating under the background of China's existing culture, a rebellious People, it is not forgiving jobs, because China does not have employment. As a result, no one wants to do something original, but they tend to steal it.
Tuyoyo, Nobel Prize created a new era, China's own research-to-award is still controversial, rebellious people think that to-tu study is too simple, the day of rural grave cleaning To do artemisinin bar research on wine, in fact the study of two is not simple, she is not simple, from the simple to save the life of thousands of people who create enormous social value, Discover the truth of common sense, life is a simple thing, achievement is not a simple life value, it is worth taking over the spirit! She has been awarded the Nobel Prize for researchers, it is worthy to reflect on the Chinese academic community and education, it is the pursuit and low-level pursuit of academic publications and the directionality and evaluation of Chinese academic and educational evaluation The standard, quality, blindly mimics academic research and ignored the original!

Of course, if you want everyone to be fine, you need to respect intellectual property rights. They must respect and recognize creativity and knowledge. Otherwise, people do not dare to not engage in the original innovation, but want to copy and imitate in order to respect the need to sacrifice intellectual property rights.

In addition, the State Council on December 18, 2015 announces "Some Opinions to Promote the Construction of Intellectual Property Rights in New Situations", which will significantly boost China's intellectual property awareness did.

Therefore, more public enterprises should learn to pay more attention to intellectual property rights in the public works of the country under all innovation situations, and should respect intellectual property rights.

Next year, the decentralized scooter industry will have more companies emerging with independent R & D and applied technology patents. Business becomes more initiative in technical patents and brand companies.

Analysis from the attitude of the government

"Guangdong self-balancing vehicle alliance" preparatory work is moving forward, is trying to start work on the local standard of three balanced cars. Invited by the Guangdong government to set the quality inspection standards for airplay self-adjusting scooters. Brands, including such government technical agencies and Airplayng is , production of the Shenzhen City of China hover board of the main hover board to the standard one of the key participants is. At this meeting, patent issues were discussed and Airplaying focused on product quality testing. This standard will soon become the industrial standard of the stage. That means that the top turmoil in the industry means getting past the company's self-balancing scooter criteria, which will be penalized by the government and the market. 

Analysis from Amazon's problems and explosions

1. Amazon forbids self-balancing scooters / hoverboards forever and not only puts temporary shelves down, but admits that they have had a series of problems and have forgotten the consequences of the cause Is not ... Stores can continue to sell as they provide the necessary file encoding for the condition. The problem to be solved is the problem of time. By now, many self-balancing scooter shops have already resumed sales.

2. Amazon sellers were refunded, some of the sellers were refunded when they tried to contact the lawyer group, the usual legal channel to restore a partial loss.

3. Some countries with smart balance vehicle policies do not completely kill, but increase barriers to the entrance of the hoverboard and clean up bad products to protect the safety of consumers.

From the above analysis, in the future, more self-balancing vehicles will meet the industry standards, more powerful brands like Airplaying will emerge, and at the same time different forms of products will emerge. Worth looking forward to!

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