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Three constructions of electric scooter

Time:2019-07-24| Author:Admin

It is an easy-to-operate electric scooter and charger cheap, very energy saving, power consumption more than 20 kg all ages (andgt; 12 years) in the appearance of friends, is absolutely suitable for comparison to choose a handsome electric bicycle Driving at speeds up to 32 miles for 6 hours and seating at the center of low gravity, so driving more safely. Therefore, electric scooters have been very popular abroad, and in recent years began to appear in the country. The electric scooter is going to be a trend and bound to set off a tendency to save energy is expected in the near future.

First, grasp the height of the handlebar, slightly below the chest, lower the handlebar does not promote control, feel too long but tired. In general, the direction perpendicular to the handle and body, in turn, twist handlebar, handlebar always left or right turn, one direction along the circle, easy to tackle. Of course, easy to use, the material used for the size of the wheel, such as the wheel is soft, buffering is more effective, minor groove and uneven road much safer.

Second, it is easy to learn the experience of horseback riding in the front of the school, and easy to learn the skills of steering handlebars The steering tricycle facilitates the transition to an electric scooter, an adult motorcycle soon after the master bike taxi way You

The electric scooter 3 structure is as follows.

1. You can push the direction of strength and power. The faster you can do, the direction of the force is very important, and step outside except in the direction. You can maximize your scooter to work.

2. Road, smooth highway. I'm unfamiliar with fear of the road, the wheels getting stuck. I was a little afraid. So it does not fit fast. Check the pavement before.

3. Bearing bearing, flexible, wheel soon, soon.

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