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The lightest carbon fiber folding electric scooter
The lightest carbon fiber electric scooter 24V250W motor 8.8Ah battery

The world's lightest carbon fiber folding electric motorcycle. 

Focus on all types of motorcycles, skateboards and low-cost high-quality product certificates with 6 years of professional production experience 

We are a business partner responsible for motherboard, control panel, motor and battery products with excellent quality.We reject all shoddy material.. All major components of the product have a year of free maintenance services. 

Introduction of carbon fiber folding electric motorcycle. 

the lightest carbon fiber electric motorcycle. 

Extreme portability: the entire frame and motorcycle deck is made of carbon fiber from high-quality ultra-light vehicles, but strong. That's the perfect motorcycle for commuting to and from work in the city.Compact dimensions and easy-fold functions can bring convenience to public transport. 

Elegant headlights: it's not just reminiscent pedestrians who illuminate the night ahead. 

Smooth LCD screen: displays important information such as speed, battery life, mileage and time. 

Ultra-thin 0.3-inch deck: the best carbon fiber is still an ultra-thin deck. Only 0.3 and quotations, but the maximum load can be 220 pounds. Thin. The shape of the spring leaves on the deck works as a comprehensive suspension to smooth the uneven path. 

High degree of automotive technology: 5andquotation; hub motor for high torque special development of high power is still light. The innovative use of field-directed control (FOC) technology accelerates the silence of providing a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.Combined with the electronic brake (EBS), the battery can be recharged during braking. 

Intelligent, high-capacity battery system: the use of high-capacity three-star 18650 lithium ion, battery life of more than 500cycles, battery life is longer. Provide a cooler.. The battery pack is cleverly stored in the hose for good heat dissipation of the forward steering ring and ensuring its safety. Battery range up to 20 miles, using intelligent battery management system (BMS). In your location

Product parameters (specifications) of carbon fiber motorcycles. 

Power consumption:250 watts rated output power, up to 500 watts instantaneous power. 

Motor type: high torque 5-inch hub motor. 

Max. . Speed: 25 kilometers per hour. 

Max. . Mileage: 20 25 km (depending on riderand#39;s weight and road condition). 

Max. . Load: 120 kg. 

Max. . Mountaineering: 25 degrees. 

Waterproof: IPSS. 

Frame material: carbon fiber. 

Frame height: 100 cm. 

From deck to floor: a distance of 9 centimeters. 

Braking system: EABS microelectronic control braking system, mechanical braking assistance. 

Battery type: China / LG/ Samsung band option. 

Input: 110 x 220 v 50 x 60 Hz AC. 

LCD: remaining batteries and gears, speed and driving distance. 

Charging time: 2 to 3 hours. 

Optional color: black / pink / green / white. 

Folding measurement: 1000 mm*405 x 235mm. 

Denaturation measurement: 920mm * 405x 1000 mm. 

Fill size: 1015 mm * 175 x 255mm. 

Northwest: 6.3 kg. 

Guinea-Bissau: 8.5 kg. 

Product characteristics and application of carbon fiber folding electric motorcycle. 

It is made of ultra-light carbon fiber with reinforced steel joints. 

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. 

At night, the embedded bright LED lamp.

Electron accelerator. 

Digital Speed (optional) 3 Speed driving distanceHard evidence. Details of carbon fiber motorcycles. 

Extreme portability. 

Sign the headlights. 

Super slim 7.6 mm deck. 

Advanced motor technology. 

Smart LCD. 

Intelligent, high-capacity battery system. 

6.Deliver, carbon fiber motorcycle supply and distribution. 

Including packing. 

1 * carbon fiber electric motorcycle. 

1 * charger. 

1 * user manual. 

We undertake to ship the order regularly within 1 to 2 working days after the payment is completed. Large orders may take a long time to deliver. If your updated tracking number is shipped in normal order in the email. Thank you for your patience and updating throughout the shipment process.

Hard evidence. common problem. 

Q1. . What are the packing conditions? 

A: generally speaking, inside, double foam polystyrene, standard brown carton packing our products. If there is a legally registered patent, the goods can be packaged in the brand box after obtaining the approval letter. 

Q2. . What are the terms of payment? 

A: prior to the delivery of 50% and 50% of the T / T deposit. Before using Weand#39;ll Show as the product, the photos of the package have to be paid in balance. 

Q3. . What are the delivery conditions? 


Q4. . About the method, is it your delivery time? 

A: it usually takes 7 working days after receiving the advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the project and the number of orders. 

Q5. . Can you do it in the same way? 

A: yes, we can make it from samples or technical drawings. You can build molds and fixtures. 

Q6. . What is the sample strategy? 

A: when the customer pays the sample cost and courier cost for the inventory of spare parts, we can provide the sample. 

Q7. . Do you want to test all your items before sending them? 

A: yes, please bring 100% test with you before we deliver the goods. 

Question 8: what is our long-term relationship? 

A:1. . We have good quality and competitive price; we keep the same in order to ensure the interests of our customers. 

Trailblazers. As our friends, we respect all our customers, we do business from the bottom of our heart and make friends with them. 

Where did it come from?

Brilliant electricity is a rich experience in the production of the lightest carbon fiber folding electric motorcycles, and we are famous as a large manufacturer and one of the Chinese suppliers. Welcome to wholesale functional machines from high quality and factories at low prices. 

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