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Lithium battery aviation aluminum alloy material light weight electric motorcycle

5.5inch cheap Electric scooter with 24V 250W motor and 250W motor

Aluminum alloy material 2-wheeled children electric scooter. 

We are a business partner responsible for motherboard, control panel, motor and battery products with excellent quality.We reject all shoddy material.. All major components of the product have a year of free maintenance services. 

Power consumption:250 watts rated output power, up to 500 watts instantaneous power. 
Motor type: high torque 5-inch hub motor. 
Max. . Speed: 25 kilometers per hour. 
Max. . Mileage: 20 25 km
Max. . Load: 120 kg. 
Max. . Mountaineering: 25 degrees. 
Waterproof: IPSS. 
Frame material: Aluminum alloy
Frame height: 100 cm. 
From deck to floor: a distance of 9 centimeters. 
Braking system: EABS microelectronic control braking system, mechanical braking assistance. 
Battery type: China / LG/ Samsung band option. 
Input: 110 x 220 v 50 x 60 Hz AC. 
LCD: remaining batteries and gears, speed and driving distance. 
Charging time: 2 to 3 hours. 
Optional color: black / pink / green / white. 
Folding measurement: 1000 mm*405 x 235mm. 
Denaturation measurement: 920mm * 405x 1000 mm. 
Fill size: 1015 mm * 175 x 255mm. 
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