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60V 1500W APP Citycoco electric scooter
60V 1500W APP one key starts city scooter

The main characteristics of Citycoco scooter. 

Model No.: SH12. 

Packing size: 200 x 38 x 80. 

Total weight / net weight: 70kg. 

Maximum speed: 40 kilometers per hour. 

Maximum load: 200kg. 

Range: 60 km. 

Rock climbing ability: 40 °. 

Braking method: front and rear hydraulic disc brake. 

Motor output: 60V 1500W, brushless DC motor. 

Charging time: 8 to 10 hours. 

One button start
    Standard: electroplating parallel bar front fork LCD handle, front oil pressure shock absorber,. Side rolling atrial septum, back, angel headlamp, independent loudspeaker, floor plastic shell,.Automatic display of failed independent LCD instrument lithium battery, crawler pad, 1-2-3 gear conversion, double key start, keyless button start APP, pedal,. Front, guard, tail light, sun running light, love food, built-in shock absorber, iron frame,. 10-inch aluminum wheel absorption decorative cover iron frame packaging 12-inch aluminum wheel. 
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