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What do you like best among E scooters?

Time:2019-07-24| Author:Admin

What do you like best among E scooters?


The appearance , their appearance is different, but basically depends on the people's balance to achieve, about the need for balance ability for a specific learning process, no one rides on these from their birth There is no good thing.


Compared to the latter two electric scooters , because the steering wheel level can reduce the possibility of fall, especially beginners, because you rely on grasping the direction, as a safer toddler to learn and control Is easy. 

The brakes , they all have a brake function, but the braking method is different, the brakes of the electric scooter are mechanical brakes, there is a brake button on the left side of the hand lever, you also walk the wheels behind you You can, it is a passive brake.

The smart scooter and electric skateboard brakes rely on the reverse balance, but the inertia of the person and the car disappears at the brakes, but at any speed, the brakes are easily controlled and active brakes.


Speed is, under normal circumstances, the speed of the electric skateboard is faster, but the climbing ability is better than the other two. Standard speed is 30km / h, maximum speed is 40km / h, speeding up

Airplaying electric scooter SH01, the maximum speed is 25 Km / h while leaving the factory (the maximum speed can be adjusted to 30KM / H set by the user)

The maximum speed of the smart balance scooter sh01 is 15KM / H.


Electric scooter SH02 and electric skateboard is, smart scooter than the speed you will see that it is fast. We can carry it anywhere. During rush hour, electric skateboards are more efficient and more obvious. All of them are good tools for a short trip.

Do you like the best on the fashionable and cool short trip tools above?

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