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The most portable electric skateboard in the world

Time:2019-07-24| Author:Admin

The most portable electric skateboard in the world

In countries such as Europe and America, hoverboard and skateboard scooters are popular, and children start skateboard scooters early on. The company of Koowheel Technology uses dual motors used for four-wheeled electric skateboard sprinting. With a history of top speeds of 45 km / h, the battery life is about 35-40 km. The electric skateboard is also equipped with a hand-held wireless remote controller for controlling the speed, using the standard of charging interface, can be fully charged for 2 hours.        


This electric skateboard has many advantages of dual brushless hub motor, easy to operate, high speed (usually 30km / h, maximum speed 45km / h) and can be carried. You can bring it to a school, office or bus. Or, some good friends who can go to the beach. Enjoy an electric skateboard with Airplaying . It's the best 2017 electric skateboard . It is worth trying.    

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