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Basic classification of fitness equipment

Time:2019-07-24| Author:Admin

Indoor fitness equipment

These include treadmills, magnetic upright exercise bikes, magnetic recumbent exercise bikes, magnetic oval machines, climbing, rotation, comprehensive training, posture training, power supplies and more. Used in the gym.

Exercise bike

With commercial cardiac cycling endurance, smooth comfortable exercise experience. Provides excellent customer service and users with multiple resistance levels and integrated entertainment system levels.

Belt drive system

Dual conversion drives give customers a smooth, quiet exercise experience. Replace the ply V belt chain, the result of small noise, small maintenance.

Suite for 3 Handles

Three suites that can be firmly consolidated and reduce the need for regular adjustments. The 9 / 16-inch crank arm can take any standard road or mountain bike pedal.

Integrated entertainment

Equipped with one heart theater design, personal video screen. You can enjoy a comfortable acoustic experience to provide better customer service at the same time.

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